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Innovative Control and Check Valves

Pump Systems, LLC is proud to represent industry leading valve manufacturers' to support your needs.  Our experienced technical sales staff will be happy to assist you in designing a solution that fits your needs.

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Innovative SZUSTER system elbow ball check valves are the first, which have a fully open position and a constant K factor starting from the flow rate of 2.3 fps

Patented SZUSTER system ball check valves (US 8,146,618 B2, US 8,082,949 B2), due to the unique characteristics and usable features, are widely used in ordinary lift stations and pumping stations with separation of solids and pumps. Thanks to safety and ease of use (the possibility of placing the cover in service position), they are also valued by Users of sewer systems.

SZUSTER system’s solution is also a water check valve used in hydrophore sets and water wells.

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Warren Controls has an Industry leading range of valve sizes, pressure ratings, high shut-offs and accuracy of regulation. American made with pride for over 50 years.

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