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Pump Station Preventative Maintenance


Service will include one scheduled pump station inspection. Each visit includes up to 4 hours of labor.   Any additional materials, manpower, equipment or work beyond the inspection will be billed at our standard rates.

PSLLC to perform the following during your PM service:


* Check performance of pumps and check for proper installation

* Check and record amperage draw during flow conditions

* Check and record resistance of pumps windings

* Check seal fail & heat sensor connections and operation

* Check operation of check valves(s)

* Check for leaks in piping and connections

* Visually inspect basin and lift-out rail system for condition

* Check level control operation

* Check Junction Box condition

* Check condition of Electric Control Panel

* Check all electrical connections at control panel

* Check and verify Incoming Power

* Provide the customer a detailed service report




To learn more about the service programs we offer, CONTACT US for more information or a quote.

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