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Heating & Cooling Equipment

The design of the Thrush Hot-Pak® facilitates the semi-instantaneous heating of water, allowing for a constant supply of hot water to any commercial or Industrial application. This pre-engineered system provides an economical solution to the expense of large storage tank systems. In addition, its space-saving vertical or horizontal design makes it ideal for tight installations.

MEPCO produces with the lasting quality and operational longevity that exceeds the working expectations of other brands. Mepco products include: Steam Traps, Thermostatic Radiator Valves, Float & Thermostatic Traps, Regulating Valves, Radiator Valves, Strainers, Inverted Bucket Traps, Thermodynamic Traps, Thermostatic Traps, Vacuum Breakers, Heat Exchangers, Suction Diffusers, Triple Duty Valves, Air Separators, Expansion Tanks, and so much more

Watson McDaniel steam traps are used for HVAC and industrial process applications. The excellent air handling capabilities of these traps make them a better choice than bucket traps for applications requiring quick start-up. Used on unit heaters, textile machines, heat exchangers, and other process equipment.

From Modine's packaged rooftop ventilation systems to their unit heaters, they can manage all of your HVAC needs or simply support your current system. The Modine Controls System ensures your commercial HVAC units are compatible with your building management systems.

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